The Aquabot Speed Demon

The Aquabot Speed Demon is the robotic pool cleaner to buy if you want one that has power and speed. Many reviews have been noted about this cleaner that it gets the pools so clean in such a short amount of time.

The Aquabot Speed Demon works on one spinning piston which allows it to clean more efficiently. This model's price range is around $1000.00 to $1500.00. The model is equipped with remote control for those times when you do not have to clean the whole pool, but you just have to do a spot treatment.

The Aquabot Speed Demon has been called the world's most affordable robotic pool cleaner per the ending result that it accomplishes in pools. The Aquabot Speed Demon can compare to the Pool Demon but with more filtering power and a much faster speed. It has a super charged Aquabot Turbo with a special guiding system. The Aquabot Speed Demon will clean most pools in 1/7 of the time that other Aquabots do.

The Aquabot Speed Demon also makes right angle left and right turns similar to the Turbo Remotes. This means that it will clean in a grid instead of in a criss cross way like most other pool cleaners do. This gives the pool much better coverage of cleaning.

Like the other Aquabots, the Aquabot Speed Demon cleans virtually any type of pool surface. This surface type can be anything from vinyl lined gunite, concrete, pebble glass to fiberglass. It can clean the whole floor of the pool and The Aquabot Speed Demon will clean the walls to the waterline.

The Aquabot Speed Demon also cleans all kinds of dirt and leaves or any kind of substance that the kids may drag in the pool. It also cleans up the algae that is so typical of swimming pools today. It vacuums everything that it picks up into it's built in reusable filter bag.

The Aquabot Speed Demon saves a lot of money on the energy that it uses and the cleaning supplies that the owners of the pool will not have to purchase.

The Aquabot Speed Demon is a very good buy for anyone who has a pool and wants to keep it clean and functioning without having to give up a lot of effort or time.

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